Electrifying, daring, and hypnotizing are just a few words that describe Élishia Sharie and her distinct fusion of Rock and Soul sounds. Her sultry, raspy voice over energetic, badass Rock tunes is what makes Élishia Sharie a powerful, engaging act—truly a unique musical talent.

Élishia Sharie draws inspiration from major artists like Janelle Monáe, Nirvana, Aerosmith, and up-and-coming indie acts like Evan Palmer and Dyles Mavis. Élishia Sharie credits legendary pop singer Whitney Houston as the reason she started singing at age three.

As a youth, everything Élishia Sharie did revolved around her someday pursuing a serious music career, from competing in local talent shows to auditioning for nationally-televised singing competitions. However, sadly, in 2004, Élishia Sharie suffered a major setback on her musical journey—vocal trauma that caused her to lose her entire singing range. Élishia Sharie struggled for years to rebuild her vocal range, her confidence, and hope in ever truly living a passionate life of singing.

In 2016, after fighting for 12 years for her voice and for her dream, she finally penned, recorded, and released her “phoenix” story in the form of an anthem and music video called “FIGHT! (Feat. BRIELLE).” Élishia Sharie finally rose from the ashes of her past to encourage others to FIGHT! for their own dreams, freedom, and fearlessness, no matter what obstacles are thrown in one’s path. FIGHT! is meant to renew and empower anyone who hears it.

Élishia Sharie is currently in the studio writing and recording her debut EP, which is slated for release later this year. You can expect to hear a couple ballads, some fun, upbeat ’60s Rock vibes, and some moody ’90s Alternative-inspired tunes, infused with her soulfully-seasoned voice.

In the years to come, music fans will realize that Élishia Sharie is a powerful musical force. With her great energy and passion, soon the world will be ready to FIGHT! alongside this Rock ‘n’ Soul artist and visionary.